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  1. Randy Hathaway says:

    Thanks for doing and posting your test of eset for Mac. I think I will renew Norton’s instead of trying the new guy. But have you tested Norton’s? I’ve used it several years and see little updating, so little that I emailed the company to ask about it.

    And tangentially–how I wish that Corel would update and make WordPerfect for Mac! WP is still far superior to Word, or at least to Word 2004. And Word for Mac removes AND DE-NUMBERS footnotes of WP documents converted to Word for Mac, sinking the now-anonymous footnotes to the last of the document–causing a huge amt of work to fix.

    • Daniel Dreifus says:

      You can follow CNET’s MacFixit. They always mention new threats.
      There still aren’t enough hazards for Mac to justify the software for me. With OS 8
      I used Norton Utilities and took the time to update definitions regularly, but never really needed them.
      The Mac OSX UNIX system requires administrator approval for changes to the system files, so the main threat is
      being unwise in installing software from questionable sources, or opening up email attachments. I seem to be getting
      a lot of schemes in email recently about failed automatic fund transfers, DHL and USPS deliveries and so forth. Always check
      with your bank or just search Google online. For example this morning the Better Business Bureau with an address of bbb.org,
      notified me of a customer complaint that required my attention. Sounded fishy to me, checked online and found this is a spam
      virus attempt. Most of the email viruses are Windows only, but it is best to just delete them all from your system.
      The latest threat is a realistic looking browser Flash update installer pop up.
      You can (and should) install Little Snitch. It is an outgoing firewall so if any software tries to “phone home” or
      send info from your computer outbound, you are notified and must approve it first.
      Some malware automatically disables itself if it detects the presence of Little Snitch.
      As I said in the article, ESET may improve its Mac implementation in the future. I think it may be less intrusive than Norton.
      I also check MacUpdate.com regularly. There were several antivirus program updates recently and you can find peer reviews
      there as well as suggestions for similar software so that’s also worth checking regularly. Some of the Mac antivirus is free.

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